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Ethical Decision Making in a Care Environment

Dan Levitt, IAHSA Board Member and Executive Director of Tabor Home Society (Vancouver, BC) applies the ethics and standards typically used in medicine to end-of-life decision making.

Chicago Declaration Aims to Fill Local Advocacy Needs

A small group met for a side event at the United Nations for the Fifth Open Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA) to discuss the Chicago Declaration on the Rights of Older Persons.

IAHSA Brings SAGE Tour to New York

IAHSA continues to build bridges and partnerships with senior care leaders in other countries via the Country Connections program, where participants are put in contact with carefully selected communities that inspire innovative ideas which can be exported to any country. 

Rio Declaration Focuses on Developing a Culture of Care

The International Longevity Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (ILC-BR) disseminates the Rio Declaration with a focus on developing a culture of care grounded in human rights.

World Health Statistics Published by WHO 

People everywhere are living longer and low-income countries have made the most progress, according to a new report published by the World Health Organization.

Experience Ibasho: Community Ownership

Emi Kiyota, visionary creator of Ibasho and IAHSA Board member, gave Washington DC a special treat. 

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Australian Ageing Care

Marust Riley, Chair of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) and IAHSA Board Member highlights the work Australian ageing care leaders are undertaking through the CALD committee.

Indians 55 and Older are Embracing Technology

Seniors in India are not shying away from technology. They are forward thinking, and very open to new ideas.

New Expert Appointed to UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council has appointed Rosa Kornfeld-Matte as the new Independent Expert on the full enjoyment of human right of all older persons.

Happiness in Later Years  

Looking across countries and across generations, a recent study found that life seems better to older people than it does to those in their middle years.

The Only Assisted Living Community in Lebanon 

In 2012, Joyce Eid of Beirut, Lebanon visited Palm Village Retirement Community in the U.S. for a month. Her goal was to learn how, as the future Manager of the Moadieh Evangelical Center in Lebanon, she could enhance this assisted living community using the services and protocols of Palm Village as a model. 

Staying At Home Longer in China

In China, studies have shown that staying at home longer was linked to better psychological well-being among Chinese seniors.

IAHSA Reflection: Madiba's Life Offers Lessons on Service

We lost a wise world elder and leader in Madiba -- let his legacy live on through the work IAHSA does.

First CCRC Opens in Peru

Arcadia, of Residencias Vallesol SAC -an IAHSA member - opened its doors as the first CCRC in Peru.

Nutrition and Dementia - Review of Available Research 

A key finding of ADI's report- "Nutrition and Dementia - Review of Available Research" - is that while weight loss is a common problem for people with dementia, undernutrition can be avoided.

Unusual Use of the Usual

Technologies can play a vital role in creating a better life for people of all ages but to be adopted they need to be fun, affordable, age neutral and natural extensions of technologies in ready use in today's households.

Is Cultural Competence Culturally Appropriate?

What does diversity mean when the scope is extensive and it may, in fact, be normative?

G8 Commits to Developing Cure for Dementia

At the recent G8 summit, the leading economies of the world made a commitment to developing a cure for Dementia by 2025.

IAHSA Celebrates Caregivers

What better way to celebrate our 20th year than to honor great caregivers from our membership.

2014: New Year, New Board

IAHSA welcomes new Board Members in 2014 and says farewell to committed past members. See who comprises the new Board. 

A Better Life: Valuing our Later Years

Written by Imogen Blood, Joseph Roundtree Foundation study probes what can help older people with high support needs to improve their quality of life.

Belong: Winner of Excellence in Ageing Services

This year, IAHSA gave its Excellence in Ageing Services award to Belong, a community in the U.K., for its successful exercise program.


EAHSA 2014 Conference

September 25-26, 2014. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

IAHSA's European Chapter, EAHSA, orgnizes a biannual European conference.  In 2014, the conference will focus around the theme of "Innovation in Ageing Services: Pathways to the Future". In joint partnership with ActiZ, the Dutch association for residential and home care organizations and infant and child health clinics, EAHSA invites you to join its members in Amsterdam to share knowledge on the pathway to the future in ageing services.  For more information, visit the EAHSA conference website. 

Global Technology Forum

September 24, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This forum will explore actual and potential uses of technologies, including those that have strong evidence of efficacy to improve quality of life, efficient delivery of care and services and have promise of reducing costs. The Forum will review recent research findings that explore the relevance and effectiveness of technologies to address chronic care management and other needs associated with aging. Faculty will explore emerging technologies and their application in real world settings. And, Forum participants will discuss technology-enabled care models that feature long term care in a variety of settings. Technology is a critical element of the kind of innovation that is needed to address our global aging phenomenon. The Global Aging Technology Forum will bring together leaders in this field to explore today’s reality and the opportunities that lie ahead. View the program. 

South African Care Forum

October 7-10, Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

The South African Care Forum is joining forces with the National Care Forum (NCF) UK, Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Care Malta to celebrate National Care Home Open Day on 20 June 2014.  The South African Care Forum is spearheaded by IAHSA's Board Chair, Margie Van Zyl.

LeadingAge Annual Meeting

October 19-22, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

LeadingAge brings thousands of non-profit members together each year to the Annual Meeting and Expo, a learning environment filled iwth education presentations, hundred of experts, useful member-focused tools and hearty lunches.  Join LeadingAge and IAHSA next year in Downtown Nashville.  Learn more about the event here

IAHSA-China 2014 Conference

13 November 2014, Shanghai, China.

The China Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA-China) is pleased to announce its 2014 conference. The event will feature presentations from well-known experts in the areas of China Senior Living design, legal, operations, information technology and finance.

2015 ACSA/IAHSA Global Ageing Conference

August 31 - September 4, 2015, Perth, Australia.

In conjunction with Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA), a national peak body representing non-profit aged care in Australia, the three day conference will feature site visits, a Design for Ageing Showcase, a Global Research Forum, Expo and social events for networking. Visit the full conference website here.


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