IAHSA is a Global Network of ageing service providers. The core of our membership is composed of IAHSA Chapters which are national or regional membership associations who represent their members in their particular country. Chapters are the embodiment of the our value 'Creating Community Across Borders'. Key individuals within each chapter provide leadership to IAHSA as it develops its strategic direction and initiatives. Chapters are also vital to the success of our research projects.

Members participating in IAHSA through a Chapter are able to enjoy the programs and services of the Global Ageing Network at reduced rates. For more information on how to become a Chapter please contact us.

Find out more about our chapters in the following regions:

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LeadingAge serves as the U.S. chapter of IAHSA and, as a member of LeadingAge, you enjoy the benefits of IAHSA membership. Knowing of your keen interest in ageing beyond the U.S. borders, we would like to invite you to support IAHSA through an annual contribution. LeadingAge members have supported IAHSA through contributions that range from $150 - $10,000, which allow IAHSA to expand our work and grow the network. We hope you will consider becoming an IAHSA supporter.

IAHSA'S mission benefits its members, partners, supporters and affiliated providers, business, researchers and governments to enhance quality of life for ageing.  

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