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IAHSA strives to connect with its members as well as helping our members connect with each other. We do this through a variety of channels, such as:

Social Media
Social media sites provide tools to help IAHSA get information to you, as quickly as possible. Connect with IAHSA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or read our blog for daily updates. Click the links below to join in the conversation and share your ideas with your colleagues.

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Every month IAHSA sends members the Alliance newsletter. Alliance allows members to share their successes and alerts you to the latest headlines in global ageing research and design.

Email, Mail, Telephone, Skype
We love to hear from you and are pleased to take your calls, emails and Skype inquiries. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Eastern Standard Time
Telephone +1 202 508 9468
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Global Connections

IAHSA enables members to connect across borders.

Country Support Network
IAHSA’s Country Support Network provides an avenue through which IAHSA members can build supporting relationships with others in need of resources for use in carrying out their mission of care for the elderly.

Staff Exchange Network
The IAHSA Staff Exchange Network provides an avenue to foster exchange of staff between facilities in different countries.

IAHSA Excellence in Global Ageing Services AwardThe Excellence in Ageing Services Award recognizes organisations and individuals for programmes and services that are models of innovation and excellence.


IAHSA enabled me to spread a message about my own organisation’s unique approach and equally, if not more so, assimilate learning from colleagues on the Board and those attending conferences. Professionally and personally I owe a lot to the opportunities which came my way in rich measure through IAHSA.  - Foster Murphy, Former IAHSA Board Member