The use of technology to support and enhance the health, safety and social connectedness of older people is a very important element in ensuring quality of life. The Global Ageing Network plays an important role on two levels:

1. IAHSA/CAST Affiliated Action Networks

IAHSA and the Center for Aging Services Technology (CAST) developed a global network of organisations that seek to expand the use of technology to address the needs of our ageing society. Our Chapters in countries around the world are working together to establish the CAST Affiliated Action Networks with a vision that technologies can improve the quality of life for seniors while reducing health care costs.

The CAST Affiliated Action Network is composed of ageing services providers, technology companies, research institutions and other stakeholders. Its mission is to provide leadership in the development, evaluation and adoption of technologies that will transform the ageing experience.

CAST benefits are complimentary to all IAHSA service provider members and student/research members only.

2. Middleware Platform for eMPOWERing Cognitive Disabled and Elderly

IAHSA was invited to participate in the EU funded project to define an open platform to simplify the task of developing and implementing technological advances. We offered input on the user requirements for the technologies and provided a forum through which the results of the research can be distributed globally.