IAHSA Global Connections

IAHSA’s mission is to connect and support ageing service providers across the world to enhance the quality of care for the elderly. This has historically been done through creation of networks between provider groups, enhanced by personal connections developed at IAHSA’s International Conferences. In order to build on current relationships and foster the further development of connections among IAHSA members, we have created two Global Connection Programmes – the International Staff Exchange and the Country Support Network.

Both programmes are open to all IAHSA members.

International Staff Exchange

The IAHSA Staff Exchange Network provides an avenue to foster exchange of staff between facilities in different countries. Benefits to participants include:

  • Increased understanding of international initiatives and cultural challenges in providing care for the elderly;
  • Enhanced staff development and learning;
  • Increased esteem of workforce through participation; and
  • Increased retention of quality leadership staff.

IAHSA role is to facilitate connections between interested parties; participating facilities are responsible for making arrangements for the staff exchange. Join the network.


You can also find more information and examples of staff exchange experiences here.

Country Support Network

IAHSA’s Country Support Network provides an avenue through which IAHSA members can build supporting relationships with others in need of resources for use in carrying out their mission of care for the elderly.

The Country Support Network concept was conceived during IAHSA’s 8th International Conference in London in July 2009 when providers from Australia met Marigold Mncube, Matron of the Emseni Old Age Home in South Africa and spontaneously formed a ‘fund raising’ event to support Emseni. Read their story (pdf).

IAHSA’s role is to facilitate connections between interested parties, on a country-to-country level. Learn more about IAHSA’s Country Support Network.