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IAHSA’s Mission is to connect and support ageing service providers around the world to increase quality of life for the elderly. We have found that one of the best ways for shared learning and innovation development is through personal networking and one-on-one interaction. As a result, we have created opportunities for IAHSA members to participate in study tours to foster individual dialogue with leading policy makers and professionals, while experiencing the rich culture and customs in different countries. To ensure maximum opportunity for interaction and discourse, IAHSA Study Tours limit participation to 24 individuals.
As an international association, IAHSA helps members connect across the globe via both simple introductions and more formal learning experiences. To encourage peer-to-peer sharing, IAHSA facilitates two distinct onsite learning opportunities: educational site visits and IAHSA/LeadingAge study tours. Both allow participants to learn about aging services organizations by seeing and experiencing the unique features and programming they offer. Based on feedback, IAHSA has learned that the onsite educational experience is equally beneficial to attendees and hosts. Past hosts say the experience allowed their teams to celebrate their successes and enjoy a sense of team cohesion, among other benefits. 
IAHSA helps with the following:
►Educational Assistance for Site Visits 
►IAHSA/LeadingAge Study Tour    
To obtain more information or to start planning your learning, please email us at info@iahsa.net



Chicago Study Tour: Community Partnerships

Chicago, IL June 1-7 2014


The Chicago study tour will feature a variety of approaches for building community partnerships and collaborative cultures in both traditional and non-traditional aging services settings. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from fellow providers how to leverage your existing  resources to develop sustainable partnerships with organizations in your broader community. This tour will provide important new insights into how aging services can be an effective platform for integrating services with local organizations. Register for the tour.

Only 25 spots available.  click here to learn more! 

The full program can be found here.  Program is subject to slight modification.

Toronto Study Tour: Improving Practice Through Evidence

August 17-20, 2014, Toronto, Canada.

IAHSA is inviting researchers and providers to Canada on a three-day tour of long-term research and its implementation in care settings.  The tour will visit Toronto Rehab, Schlegel Villages and Baycrest in a series of site visits, lectures and roundtables with the opportunity to engage with researchers and leadership on how to make provider-based research partnerships and translate research into practice.  More information will be available in early April 2014.